Three teeth, nine months and our first family holiday!

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We have spent an amazing and relaxing week in Erguy, Brittany. I love France and Olivier is half French, so we decided to take a road trip and a week off to rest and spend some quality time together as a family.

The most stressful part was the packing. Greg and I shared and hand sized luggage and small bag, whilst Olivier had the rest of our estate car.

Ok, so technically he didn't pack any of it, being only 9 months, so you could blame mummy, but hey babies need what the need, right...??.

So, whilst daddy was playing, what looked like car Jenga at 5 am. Putting luggage in and the removing it from the car, only put it back in again. Olivier and I watched from the window, thinking i'm sure it will all fit in, somehow.....daddies an expert a packing cars...

After 8 hours on the road, a few meltdowns from Olivier, as he has never been able to sleep in the car, probably because he is too nosey like mummy and spends his time looking out the window, or trying to bite the limbs off his toys. 

We arrived and spent a wonderful week together, swimming, eating and walks along the beach.

Meanwhile, back at home, my lovely dad agreed to stay to take in all our new arrivals that were coming!!! not sure he realised, quite what he was signing up to......

But when we arrived home i was greeted by some gorgeous new arrivals. Fleur the Elephant, and our cute boys outfit Ain't no mama like mine, plus lots more.

We were supported by some wonderful new customers who ordered some beautiful clothes, hopefully we will get some gorgeous pictures of their little ones wearing the outfits soon.

I have had a few request to increase the age range of our clothes, so I am slowly adding up to 4 years now on certain ranges, which i'm sure will be great news to all of you. Over the next few weeks and months i hope to share a few more updates, but mums the word for now....Love to you all

Olivier and Mummy x

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