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As it's Father's Day coming up, we thought who better to hand our blog over to than an amazing @dad_craft blogger.

If you're stuck for ideas this Fathers Day checkout below and head to his blog for some creative ideas

Thank you @dad_craft  from Olivier & Mummy

Dad Craft:

I decided back in April that rather than filling my (and my friends’) social media timelines with all the stuff I’d been making at home with my two girls that I’d collect into one place - and so was born.

We’ve made rockets, planets and fairy dust over the past couple of months since dadcraft has been in existence, but my favourite project (until this one) has been Paper Plants.

These plants are the one thing that is still on our, and the 4 yr old’s, window sills. These were created together, but with a design aim in sight - and the outcome was both unique and strangely therapeutic in the same way ‘normal’ houseplants are.

Our next challenge was to try to make some Fathers’ Day cards. Whilst trying to come up with the best cards I asked the twitter world and got some suggestions from @dadbloguk and @fatherhoodcouk - make sure the cards were honest but not saccharine sweet - this sounded good to me. And it was the honesty part that really stuck with me. I am a long way from being a precision crafter and this idea of authenticity of the task was really important. Yes it is nice to have a perfectly crafted item, but who has made it - and where is the emotion in it.

So I started to think about what card I would like - and it was simply a case of - something that showed me that they know us. Not me, not them, but our relationship. It didn't have to be perfect - it didn't need to tell me how I was perfect - or that they are prefect. It needed to be funny, (potentially cute) and honest.

The designs we came up with can be found here. The card that my daughter made included a picture of Darth Vader, coloured in all shades of the rainbow, stating “You are my Mummy!”

Funny… Authentic...Flawed...Perfect...

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