Teeth, Dribble, Clothes and More Dribble

Olivier has just reached 8 months. His present to himself was his first tooth!!! A very proud mummy moment. He has been dribbling a lot, and a little more restless than usual. Bibs have been our best friend, we have been testing out lots of new sample bibs, to really see which ones stand the test of dribble and food.

I'm pleased to say we will be adding a few more to our collection, over the coming weeks. All tested by a dribble monster!! Talking of monsters our 'my little monster trousers' have been so comfortable for him and the leggings has been amazing as he is starting to crawl, well he looks more like a caterpillar at the moment, but i'm sure this will improve. 

See you soon


Olivier & Mummy x

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