Four Teeth And Loving Food

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So Olivier now has four teeth, and boy he loves using them! He enjoys clamping his mouth down on most things, arms, legs, fingers, never his own limbs though, always mine!!! They are kind of sharp too, not sure what i was expecting, as ones which aren't sharp probably wouldn't be effective. 

He is loving baby led weaning, he only really took to it at 7months, and now I feel like a Michelin star chef, trying to come up with creative recipes, like deconstructed bean burgers, savoury muffins and banana fritters. All whilst, I eat beans on toast or completely forget to eat. I need to get a little more organised so we are all eating the same thing, but until then King Olivier will reign his throne.

Since our holiday, I have been trying to catch up with everything, which has been good timing for storm Brian to hit us, as I needed to crack on with stuff at home. Olivier's not a fan of the wind, for some reason he has a habit of trying to hold his breath, not ideal really, especially on windy days.

I have been busy adding some new clothing to the boutique. More items which are super comfy and practical for day to day. Our new arrivals are the bunny rompers, which are great, Olivier has had one for a few months to test it out, and we both love it. So we have pink ones in now and the grey ones are due in soon.

I have decided to add a new collection to our boutique, which are super cute Dragons and Dinosaurs. Not sure if i've been watching too much Games of Thrones, or just think it would be cute to have a little fire breathing dragon, especially when its cold. So I added Duggie the Dragon, who is very cute. He won't be the only dragon joining us as I have more baby and toddler clothing planned, but all will be revealed shortly.

Let me know if there are any clothing or themes you would like to see, always happy to see if i can get them. I might add some fun BLW recipes too next time.

Anyway, take care and lots of love

Olivier & Mummy

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